Rules for the use of the clubhouse:
1. Please treat these premises as you would your home.
2. Members & guests are requested to act in a responsible manner at all times that will reflect only goodwill towards our voluntary service.
3. The lounge, kitchen, bunkroom & toilet areas are a ‘dry zone’.
4. ALL wet bodies, wetsuits, swimwear and towels to be kept in the gear shed / shower area on the concrete floor.
5. Be a tidy kiwi and clean up your own mess, others use the facilities.
6. Put things back where they belong, it’ll be there next time you need it.
7. Overnight accommodation at the Ruakaka Surf Club is primarily for lifeguards rostered on patrol the following day.
8. The key holder is responsible for the conduct of all persons on the premises.
9. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted outside the clubhouse.
10. Smoking is not permitted inside the clubhouse.

Promptly report any damage to the Property Manager.

Surf life saving clubs are generally difficult to insure due to their remote location, please do your part to ensure the club is secure when you leave.

Three checks are required:
1. Smoke-stop doors must be closed. This includes the doors from both bunkrooms, and the doors at the end of the corridor.
2. All lights are turned OFF and the alarm is set.
3. Walk once around the outside of the building and check all doors and windows are securely locked.



Our main objectives are:
To provide surf lifesaving services and prevent the loss of life.
To study and practice surf lifesaving methods.
To teach and train others in the techniques of surf lifesaving.
To support and encourage participation in competition.

Much of the equipment at the Club is essential for us to achieve these objectives.

Juniors are not to take boards from the gear shed without adult supervision.
Care must be taken when handling surfboards & skis on concrete surfaces.
Care must be taken not to damage skegs or fins when in shallow water.
All surfboards and skis must be rinsed in freshwater before being stowed away.
Competition boards are only to be used with approval by surf sports coach.
Do not use any boards or other equiptment that is damaged.

Handheld radios must be protected by plastic waterproof jacket whenever removed from charger.
Radios will not be taken on the water in IRB unless required for a rescue.

The quad is only be used by members who have a current NZ driver’s license, and operated in accordance with the Patrol Operations Manual.

Damaged equipment must be reported to the Gear Steward or your Patrol Captain.