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Next lifeguard test – 29th September 2013

Rookie Lifeguard Program

The Rookie Lifeguard Program was introduced into Surf Life Saving Northern Region during the 2000/2001 season, developed to assist with the education and retention of our 12 � 13 year old members through a structured development program. The Rookie Lifeguard Program is aimed at developing our future surf lifesavers in the areas of surf education, beach management and related career paths within the surf life saving movement.

The Rookie Lifeguard Programme has been developed to incorporate junior members into the patrolling environment. It is not an extension of the Junior Surf programme.

Aims of the Rookie Lifeguard Program

  • Develop the surf life saving skills of young members.
  • Provide a transition between nipper and senior life saving.
  • Provide a structured career path in surf life saving.
  • Provide a smooth transition and ready flow of active members from Junior Surf ranks by providing a programme of practical life saving development.
  • Involve and encourage respective Parents to become involved in both active service and administration at club level.
  • Develop strong ties between Senior and Junior Members as a result of involvement in this programme.
  • Club patrols will become more efficient as patrol members become involved with the development of juniors whilst on patrol.

Becoming a lifeguard

To become a Surf lifeguard you must gain your Surf Lifeguard Award (Bronze medallion). Surf Life Saving Clubs provide training and examination programmes and to gain your award you must be a member of a Club. Once you have your lifeguard award, then you can begin patrols. To be a qualified Lifeguard you must be 14 years or older and pass your Surf Lifeguard Award exam. The exam comprises:

  • 400m pool swim in under 9 minutes
  • Run/swim/run in the surf
  • Resuscitation Test
  • Rescue Test
  • Theory questions
  • Practical surf knowledge test

Each season active Surf Lifeguards must perform a �Refresher� test. This includes a 400m swim, resuscitation test and first aid questions. It is not designed to fail people but to ensure their fitness and knowledge is up to the required standard.

Further Development

Once qualified with your NZ Surf Lifeguard Award you can increase your skills:

First Aid – St John

  • First Aid Level 1
  • First Aid Level 2
  • First Aid Level 3


  • BP IRB Crewperson Award
  • BP IRB Driver Award
  • BP IRB Instructor Award

Senior Lifeguard Award

Surf Lifeguard Instructor Award

If you are interested in qualifying as a Lifeguard, or developing your skills, contact our Lifeguard Instructor – Gretchen Gulick 027 3144673